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Anxiety and Depression 2: Watching It Dissolve

The continuation of Brandy’s depression call to Roy.
(Clip from episode: K4618)
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Quotes regarding anxiety and depression from Roy Masters’ books:

“You cannot get away from the enemy because when someone else is not the enemy, the enemy is you. You are forever jumping from the frying pan into the fire, because any friend or authority who sympathizes with your troubles, anyone who distracts and consoles you, turns out to be the next enemy. Bad experience adds to bad experience, and personality adds to personality inside you. Trauma builds on trauma, guilt on guilt, fear on fear, and when you see the hopelessness of it all, you fall prey to morbid depression.”
-Beyond the Known

“The first phase of our lives involves earthy motivations, but the second part should involve discovering the original Divine motivation-grace. Not being able to find this state of consciousness is the underlying cause of drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, suicide-in fact, every problem you can think of.”
-How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors

“You must be willing to stand still and let the Divine Presence catch up with you and increase your anxiety. Hold your ground as the pain of conflict increases to a point where you surrender to the inner pressure, in much the same way you have done with outer pressures when the heat is on. Resist the temptation to run away into pleasure and confusion. The problem is that you have identified with the adversary nature that has made a home in you. Understanding all this will enable you to separate from the taint of the ego self.”
-How Your Mind Can Keep You Well

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