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Cause of Asthma | A Natural Cure for Asthma

Are you or a loved one plagued with a history of asthma attacks? Are you tied down with asthma medication and nebulizers? Are you looking for a home remedy or natural asthma cure? Is there a cure?

Believe it a not, there is a link between asthma, bronchitis, and allergy-based diseases. Whether you suffer from childhood or adult asthma, asthmatic symptoms all have a similar cause. Burt is wondering if his asthma is related to his emotions or is it merely a physical malady. In this free podcast episode, Roy Masters discusses not only prevention treatment, but a long-term asthma cure. Roy explains what situations cause asthma and how your body’s supply of adrenaline is affected. By dealing with the true cause of asthma, you can remedy all your asthmatic allergies and symptoms.

(Clip from episode: K4487)
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Quotes regarding asthma and other emotion-driven diseases from Roy Masters’ books:

“Asthma: a disease caused by the draining away of life and breath by the hovering temptation, usually a parent.”
- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors

“Fully 80 percent of all illnesses—mental, emotional, and physical—are believed to be emotion-based, including some forms of cancer. Science is certainly on to something, but they are missing a piece of the puzzle that they can never find, simply because the answer lies beyond psychology.”
- How Your Mind Can Keep You Well

“Many diseases and so-called “inherited” illnesses are transferred in a similar way through an emotionally-charged climate in the home. In these cases, there is no genetic transference, although, perhaps, the same genetic weakness may exist. Rather, we select or else we are overwhelmed by the dominant personality—through emotion—and we assume the same identity and habit patterns, thereby setting the stage for the same kind of illness.”
- How to Control Your Negative Emotions

“In the absence of a real fatherly authority, the central characters of a man's life are his mother and his wife—yes, even his sisters. God help the poor little fellow who has too many sisters, grandmothers or aunts. Asthma, bronchitis or leukemia are his miserable lot. If he is "lucky," he gets out of that den of iniquity with homosexuality.
Mother, empowered by the energy of father's failing, passes on the spore of original corruption to the male child's ego; he grows up stress-sensitive and pressure-needful. Then a wife or a mistress steps in, takes over, and completes what happened to him through the guile of his mother.”
- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors

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