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Suicide: How to Stop Suicidal Thoughts

Nick is wondering how to deal with his suicidal thoughts.
(from episode: K4497)

Quotes regarding suicide from Roy Masters’ books:

“When you resent your own awareness of wrong, you see the Truth that could save you as the enemy that condemns you; and when you turn hostility inward on yourself in this fashion, you can dig yourself into such a deep hole of depression that you might see suicide as the only way to get any rest from pain.”
–Secrets of a Parallel Universe

"Children commit suicide by the hundreds of thousands-a million worldwide annually! They simply do not know how to rebel creatively. The only way they see open to them to kill the evil that they see in their parents is to turn their hate inward and kill themselves.”
–Secrets of a Parallel Universe

“People often prefer death to facing the truth about themselves, so they commit suicide before the agony of reality can catch up with them. Then there are the multitudes who kill themselves to end the agony of their compulsive obeisance to an evil god.”
–Surviving the Comfort Zone

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