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Emotional Decision Making | How to Make Difficult Decisions

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Do you fear making wrong decisions? Do you have difficulty making decisions when you are too emotional? Does the fear of rejection lead you to feel helpless and paralyzed? Would you like to know how to overcome all confusion once and for all?

On this free podcast episode, Sandra is having difficulty with the request of a dying fiancé. Suffering from cancer many miles away, he has asked her not to visit him. Though she wants to do the right thing, she is emotionally hurt and feels rejected. She is conflicted and confused about what to do.

World-renowned radio counselor Roy Masters discusses Sandra's problem with her. While we all pride ourselves in our ability to make a decision, anxiety brought on by emotions will always hinder the decision-making process. Further more, forcing any mental process is eventually detrimental to health. “Decision making can affect your breathing [and] your digestion,” explains Roy.

Learn how to not be affected by the decision making process. Listen to this podcast!

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Quotes about decision making from books by Roy Masters:

"We should enjoy our loved ones too, but not too much. Be careful not to make people, places, and things more important than what is right. Become too attached, too emotionally involved, and you will surely bring about those moments of truth that require soul-wrenching decisions."
- How Your Mind Can Keep You Well

"A mind forced to make decisions is always in conflict with itself, and from frustration and anger, a mist arises in the mind that further clouds our reason. First we have conflict, but as we make excuses and establish those excuses as 'truth,' we have confusion."
- How Your Mind Can Keep You Well

"Approach each problem with the awareness of Now. Wait until the time is right for action without submitting the decision to some elaborate reasoning process. Be patient. True life does not filter down through the intellectual processes for you to consult. Faith is a 'mindless' trust in God, the source of the faith impulse; for what is seen is made by what does not appear."
- Beyond the Known

"When you commit yourself to the right way, you are obviously making a kind of decision, a decision to obey the right in your heart; but this is the decision that puts an end to the sin of decision-making. From now on, the Light will always be there to make the way ahead perfectly plain, and since you are committed, you will see clearly what to do. After all, when you come to the edge of a cliff, you don’t have to ‘decide’ to back away!"
Secret Power of Words

"When you are in your center, when you are objective, then there are no decisions to make. You see only the way you must go. Everything you do naturally turns out right. You are not drawn in anywhere you are not supposed to be. In the ideal state of consciousness there is never any deciding. There is only one thing to decide, and that is to seek the purpose of existence. When you do this, the Truth who greets you shows you what to aim for. The Truth makes the right things attractive and interesting and maneuvers you like a skillful Helmsman through the turbulent waters of intrigue."
- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors


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