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Tips for Panic Attacks Part 1: Preventing Panic Attacks

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(Clips from episodes: K5304 and K5306)
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Are anxiety and panic attacks ruining your life? Wonder what causes panic attacks, and what you can do to prevent them?

In the United States alone, there are an estimated 40 million people who suffer from anxiety disorders. While many claim to cure panic attacks through medication, hypnotherapy, and other complex treatments, most end up merely covering up your symptoms. To completely overcome anxiety, one must deal with the root causes of anxiety, as well as treating symptoms.

In this free podcast episode, Derrick is discussing how his panic disorder destroyed a fulfilling career in firefighting.
“Panic attacks have taken my life away from me,” Derrick explains. Roy Masters, a radio counselor who has worked in the field of anxiety management for over fifty years, shows Derrick how simple the solution to panic attacks truly is.

If you are looking for simple yet private way to control panic attacks once and for all, you MUST listen to this podcast!

To find out what happens to Derrick after Roy walks him through the Be Still & Know technique, be sure to hear “Tips for Panic Attacks Part 2.” It will be available soon at http://roymasters.blogspot.com.

Quotes regarding panic and anxiety from Roy Masters’ books:

“In close places, or in crowds, panic can develop because movement is limited and there is no way of escape when our reaction to the presence of so many people increases our uneasiness. Animals that are cornered will panic. Timid creatures who normally run may become vicious under these conditions, as the feeling-to-run changes into the feeling-to-fight... After a while, the very presence of people can cause discomfort, irritation and even panic.”
- How Your Mind Can Keep You Well

“You are probably not aware of the role hypnosis is playing in your own life, but take a good look at your reactions under stress, or in anticipation of a danger or pressure that is bigger than you are. Watch what happens the next time you know you must stand up to your boss or your child's teacher. The very thought of it causes your heart to race and throws you into a panic. There you are, back in your hypnotic state. The mere expectation of danger triggers a hypnotic condition that duplicates your response to the actual stress.”
- Beyond the Known

“The hypnotic state of mind takes a stronger grip on you with each succeeding stress because of the panic you feel as you struggle in vain to find answers on the mental level. As a result, you learn to lose awareness at the first sighting of stress, and to start fumbling around in your imagination for ways of feeling superior and 'above it all,' ways that exist only in your head. You know, but you really don't know, so you think you know, and that's all that matters to you.”
- Beyond the Known



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