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Stop Worrying | Breaking Free From Constant Worry and Doubt

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Do your thoughts and feelings control you? Are you looking for a cure for constant worrying? Do you believe a worry-free life is even possible?

The Oxford Dictionary defines worry as “[to] feel or cause to feel troubled over actual or potential difficulties.” Stress and worry are feelings that plague millions worldwide, yet there are very few real solutions to this mental debility.

In this free podcast episode, Bill in Philadelphia wants to know how to break free from the chains of constant worry. Feeling obligated to be the problem-solver of the family, Bill claims to have always had the sense that he was meant to be “responsible for everything.” Radio host Roy Masters discusses the causes which lead to a false sense of obligation and responsibility. By understanding how resentment over circumstances leads to worry, one can easily overcome the compulsive feeling.

This is first episode in a two-part program on stopping worry. Hear “Stop Worrying: Part 2” for the conclusion to Roy and Bill’s conversation.

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Quotes regarding constant worry from the book
How Your Mind Can Keep You Well
by Roy Masters:

“Worry has been our substitute for the natural concern we should have had. We just had to worry to ennoble ourselves. It seemed quite normal to worry; but worry is really the compulsive activity of the mind without faith, in the dark, priding itself on solving the problems that worry itself created.”

“Worry is a counterfeit virtue. Guilty of failing to be creatively concerned, we needed to fill our minds with something, even when we didn’t have anything to be concerned about. It did seem the natural thing to do. Could we admit to our failings? Of course not! If we didn’t have such busy minds we would be forced to see our faults. So we worried about the war and about the kids. Worry made us industrious busybodies who meddled in every kind of affair for its great pride value. But then we got involved and created problems so enormous that our inability to solve them with worry became apparent—even to ourselves.”

“Again, worry is the action of a mind in the dark, forgetting the truth, proudly trying to fix what it did in the dark. We couldn’t stop worrying before because we didn’t want to stop; it had an ego value for us. It always seemed like love for others. It made us forget our empty, faulty, meaningless existence. It won us badges of honor for this or that cause. Had we a grain of true concern, we would never have had anything to worry about—no great activity of mind to testify to our ego’s greatness.”

“In fact, our mind becomes so empty of worry and planning that we have virtually nothing to do, except to understand more, appreciate more, wonder more and see more clearly to avoid problems. As we become more adept at avoiding problems, things become easier, so we worry even less.”


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