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Sexual Addiction Recovery | Effects of Sexual Molestation

Are you suffering from an intense sexual addiction or a sexually rooted compulsion? Do you need help for an internet porn addiction? Are you developing unhealthy sexual desires? Self-help treatment and recovery are simpler than you may realize. Regardless of what plagues you, the media and commercial entertainment only parade more sexual images in front of us daily. Not only that, but there are very few programs and treatment centers that provide accurate and lasting help for sexual addiction. Writer, lecturer and radio counselor Roy Masters discovered that the key to understanding addiction lies in realizing that it is a symptom to a larger emotional conflict.

Thomas was molested as a young child. He is in the middle of the recovery process, but still finds himself struggling with an awkward effect of sexual child molestation: an uncontrollable sexual compulsion. In this free podcast episode Roy walks Thomas through the process of stepping back from his resentment over his abusive childhood. Only by learning to live outside of our emotional mindset can we recover from past trauma and overcome addiction.

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Quotes regarding sexual addiction from Roy Masters’ books:

“The trouble is that we usually associate need with something good. We think the same of those who give in to, or gratify, our needs. What we are really looking at here is a dark love, a strange compulsion of something in us to fulfill or to be fulfilled by kindred types.”
- The Adam and Eve Sindrome

“Acceptance is very important to the ego when it is guilty. Having someone attached to you is very exciting and comforting. Unfortunately, such a relationship reinforces everything that is wrong in you and this leads to more guilt, which in turn develops a greater need for those enchanting attachment personalities.
This is the basis of addiction—to anything, from women to drugs. If you can see this point, you are probably asking why such a natural thing is so harmful.”
- Understanding Sexuality

“Sooner or later every man becomes pathetically or violently love-crazy, fearful of what he needs. He sees he has been trapped and degraded, stripped of independence and self-respect.
There is no way out unless he will awaken and repent. To find life and true happiness, he must lay down his ego-animal life; that is to say, he must give up seeking acceptance. For it is his desire for acceptance, fulfilled in reality or merely in his mind, that awakens his senses and sets him aflame on the course of nature, the cycle of life and death. Look carefully at your yearning, then, to reach out and touch someone. Realize that this compulsion is nothing more than your guilty ego reaching away from reality toward the renewing of pride.”
- The Adam and Eve Sindrome

“Doing its thing, the temptation communicating through the food or sex says something in the inscrutable language of the Devil to us, his "sons." It approves our exotic needs and rewards them with pleasure; it assures the ego that it need not question its growing need for food or sex as an abnormal manifestation of the false identity that is secretly taking shape inside us. Since they are feeding more than the simple needs of the body, food and sex become objects of craving to our hungry egos. We need them to feel gloriously right, even though overindulgence brings on guilt feelings, which are soon followed by feelings of deprivation, and finally by a greater and more unnatural hunger than the last one. A person caught in the devil's web of food or sex addiction is never satisfied with a simple wholesome diet, or the natural sex act. His lusts are his gods, and he must make a "religious ceremony" of his indulgence in them.”
- Understanding Sexuality


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