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The Gift of Seeing the Truth: A Testimonial

Steve is a seeker of truth living in his car. He talks with Roy about how Advice Line has confirmed what he has always recognized as the Truth.
(Clip from episode: K4614)
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Quotes regarding Truth from Roy Masters’ books:

“You realize that you believe what you want to believe, don't you? It follows then that if you want to believe the truth you are already graced with the ability to recognize it when you see it or hear it. This being the case, you will begin to see all your enervating habits in a completely different light.”
-Secrets of a Parallel Universe

“One plus one equals two, does it not? Now I ask you, ‘How do you know that is so?’ And you might reply, ‘My teacher told me.’ Surely that is not a good enough answer. Now if you ask me how I know that one plus one equals two, I shall reply, ‘Because I can see that it is so.’ The reason I can say this is because there is an inner testimony to the fact by the truth which made it a mathematical fact.”
-The Hypnosis of Life

“The sick mind cannot tolerate emotional freedom because therein is truth. That is why we are all so involved in sustaining ourselves and losing ourselves through emotional intrigue.”
-How to Survive Your Parents

“The key to this door is our sincere desire to know the truth—from the most basic truths about our problems and our wrong way of living, right up to the ultimate truth about Christ and his message of salvation. Love of truth—that is what draws us, imperceptibly, inch by inch, toward the hidden inner door to this "parallel universe." And all those who follow the leading of their conscience to the "promised land" are able to translate that "parallel universe"—the Kingdom of Heaven—into their lives, their families, their little corner of the world.”
-Secrets of a Parallel Universe

“God’s truth and His pathway are always in plain sight, however much our egos complicate them. Higher revelation with its clearer sight would compel us to serve a nobler purpose than our own. Sadly, we are usually too self-serving to see the obvious, in this case the unfolding of creation in a natural effortless way. We need only to be an unbiased witness to its marvelous unfolding.”
-Finding God in Physics

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