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OCD Help Part 1: The Cause of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Do you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder or any other compulsive behavior? Are you looking for a way to resolve the symptoms of OCD without the use of pharmaceutical drugs? Do you know what causes your compulsive thoughts and habits to repeat in an endless loop?

In this free podcast episode, Chris has been suffering with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, (also referred to as OCD) for the last ten years. He has an intense fear of getting blood or other bodily fluid on him that could lead him to being wrongly accused of rape or murder. Radio host Roy Masters shows how understanding the causes of OCD, is the key to overcoming its debilitating grip.

The cause and prolonging of all OCD is resentment. Getting upset with an action or thought can often times cause your brain to repeat it. Every time the idea is introduced, a feeling of resentment is attached to it, causing an endless cycle. Eventually, many with this form of compulsive disorder give-in completely to the thought pattern as being true, no matter how absurd or illogical it is. This internal conflict can often lead to thoughts of suicide; as in Chris’s situation.

If you want free help with your compulsive behavior, listen to “OCD Help Part 1” of this podcast. For a more in-depth conversation with Chris on the subject of obsessive compulsive disorder, hear “OCD Help Part 2.”

Quotes regarding obsessive compulsive behavior from Roy Masters’ books :

“The more you tremble with fear or resentment, the further you are from the source of good, and the more subject you are to the subtle intimidations and manipulations of the wicked.”
- Adam and Eve Sindrome

“We are compulsive because of the proclivity of our souls to cling desperately to whatever we have been tricked into believing. And that fact holds true as far as you care to take it – in religion, politics, medicine – from the false heights of 'spiritual' cures to the lowest perversions imaginable.”
- Beyond the Known

“I do not intend to dwell at length on the other forms of compulsive behavior, except to say that the hypnoidal state leads to all of them by virtue of the pain and fear it produces. The victim is always driven to remove his pain. Left to himself, he experiments; otherwise, still in his trance, he is led down the garden path to the permissible, tried, proven, and accepted forms of pleasure. His trance state deepens as those unhealthy practices debilitate him physically.”
- Beyond the Known

“You may use the activity of resentment to escape the guilt, as though the thing of beauty, or even God himself, had suckered you into believing a lie. Of course, by believing in your false innocence, you perpetuate the guilt that began when you first rejected truth in favor of illusion. You lock yourself in more tightly to the hypnotic cycle of identification, feeling ever more guilty for escaping (again) into a lie and then needing more lies to diminish your awareness of the new guilt. You are caught in a compulsive, hypnotic pattern of dying as though it were living.”
- Adam and Eve Sindrome

“If you learn to meditate with the proper attitude, you may spontaneously experience a falling away of nagging personal problems, release from habits and compulsions, freedom from neurotic fears, and a renewal of good health…”
- How to Conquer Negative Emotions



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