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Anxiety and Depression: Anger Turned Inward

Brandy calls to discuss the symptom of depression with Roy.
(Clip from episode: K4618)
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Quotes regarding anxiety and depression from Roy Masters’ books:

“You must learn to trust what is given you to realize in the moment, without becoming upset over what is revealed to you; only then will your mind make you well and whole again. Opening your mind to doubt by the tiniest chink will result in your caving in to doubt forevermore. You will end up in a state of confusion, depression, and rage.”
-Beyond the Known

“Depression overtakes you because, being all things to all people, you give your all. Everyone runs you ragged and drains the life out of your body. You feel resentment against everyone for having to prove yourself, which pressure festers into gargantuan feats of kindness and devotion toward lesser gods than you in a desperate attempt to make them acknowledge you until you can't any more. Without the approval you need to assuage anxiety, you head straight for the classic ‘nervous breakdown.’”
-How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors

“Fear and doubt indicate the absence of faith and draw us into a pattern of anxiety. We no longer love to do what is right – become pridefully afraid of making mistakes, which is not the same thing at all. Because of our decreasing understanding and failure to overcome our emotional response, we develop the increasing ability to compensate by analyzing and rationalizing, which we call worry.”
-How Your Mind Can Keep You Well

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