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Tips for Panic Attacks Part 2: Overcoming Panic Attacks

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This is Part 2 in a podcast series on "Tips for Panic Attacks." Part 1 can be found at http://roymasters.blogspot.com.

Is it possible to avoid fear and anxiety through a proper state of mind? Can anyone cure panic attacks by overcoming the root cause?

Nearly everyone in there lives have survived times of intense fear or anxiety. Panic attacks are a specific type of anxiety that can be brought about by repressing stress and anger.

Before calling the Advice Line radio show, Derrick was suffering from panic attacks, ADHD, and a tobacco addiction. Having such a traumatic past, it is highly unlikely he would have overcome these obstacles without proper advice. Previously filled with confusion and fear, Derrick can now live his life with confidence and a perfect attitude.

Overcoming panic attacks is more simple than you think. Listen to this podcast!

Quotes regarding panic and anxiety from Roy Masters’ books:

Be still…then relax. Effort, guilt, and panic will depart from you.
- How to Conquer Negative Emotions

Panic is a fear of the truth; it symbolizes your rejection of Reality. And no matter which way you go, or how hard you run, you must eventually accept some reality, whether you like it or not.
- Beyond the Known

Don’t panic. You must learn to be aware at all times. You may awaken occasionally from sleep, feeling pressure. Meditate at these times and rest again. Never allow material pursuits to overshadow or become more important than your inner attentiveness to reality.
- How Your Mind Can Keep You Well



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