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Cause of Homosexuality: The Cure for Homosexual Feelings

Roy Masters counters John Stossel’s arguments regarding homosexuality and explains that there is a real cure. John from Atlanta wants to know if having homosexual thoughts and feelings means he is a homosexual. Roy gives details regarding the cause of homosexuality and how anyone can find a way out.

(Clips from episodes: K4211 and K4479)
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Quotes from the book Understanding Sexuality by Roy Masters:

“We see then, that the homosexual is a sexually exchanged male who may seek to maintain and justify ‘his’ existence the way ‘he’ is, or, if his ego cannot face the truth, engage in a perversion of the male-female game to support a false sense of security.”

“The cure for the failing status of heterosexual and homosexual relationships is to recognize the ego need for true identity. But vain egos will not and cannot reach up for illumination because of pride's need to be "right" the way it finds itself. Until that proud ego is awakened the painful way by reaching down to corrupt and be corrupted, there is no hope, until, through sheer agony (at any point along the way) it becomes willing to face the truth. “

“You see, don't you, that the problems posed by homosexuality, like those posed by sexuality, are rooted in an unrecognized quest for identity? There is an attempt to recover the lost role, or to obtain the needed essence (in the way a female emasculates a male), to support a faulty existence by establishing a relationship with another weak and corrupted person.”

“We are all latent or dormant homosexuals. There is a little of the opposite sex in all of us. If we continue, unmodified, in our affections and responses to each other, that opposite sex is bound to emerge, in varying degrees, in us and in our offspring.”

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