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Sympathy for Saddam: Attraction Through Abuse

Mike admits that as he watched the Saddam Hussein hanging, he imagined the rope around his own neck.
(Clip from episode: K4497)
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Quotes regarding abuse and abusers from Roy Masters’ books:

“Dictators "love" people and people "love" their "female" dictators. We see here a case of mutual abuse. Tyrants love the weakness of the people for the sake of the power it gives them, and the vast masses of people love the deception (hypnosis) that is practiced on them by those to whom they have given power. It follows that when people become thoroughly degenerate, they will dig up dictators out of Hell and bestow upon them the power to rule the world with their peculiar madness. How gladly do the utterly demoralized souls accept the exquisite tortures inflicted upon them by the damned of their own making and choosing. So it is with the ego of man; he brings tragedy down about his ears through the very woman he craves-and elects to power.”
-Beyond the Known

“Soon the tyrant personality begins to suffer feelings of guilt and anxiety for the demon role he feels obliged to play, while his hapless slave feels guilty for his weakness and his growing inferiority. Then, by adding resentment to his fear, the coward is compelled to go on giving power to the bully, thus enabling him to go on being more of a beast.
Sensing deep down that the way in which the victim is responding to him is largely responsible for the agonizing pain of his own power trip, the bully soon develops contempt for the sniveling coward. The underdog, not seeing his part in the creation of the evil that is lording it over him, simply dodges all responsibility for the situation and clings instead to the booby prize of judgment. So they continue to respond to each other in a deepening
hypnotist-subject, vampire-zombie relationship.”
-Beyond the Known

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